Aluminium Windows

Aluminium4u specialise in the manufacturing and installation of superior quality aluminium windows. We take pride in delivering the best quality products with confidence knowing that we only make use of the best grade materials on the market and employ installers that are expertly trained to ensure a clean and professional finish.

You can experience your landscaping and external views from the comfort and safety of your own home – even when it is raining! Our Aluminium Windows are manufactured to give you a clear view to the outside that is neatly and perfectly framed in aluminium. This will not only provide you with a safe barrier from the elements, but increase the isolation and enhance the overall appearance of the space whether you look at it from the inside or the outside.

The designs are practical, elegant and durable. these aluminium windows are designed to withstand being exposed to the elements without deforming and discolouring. The light weight of aluminium is beneficial in many ways, It ensures that the systems can be used with minimal effort, it does not place a lot of force on the slides or the hinges which increases the overall lifetime of the system, it is also resistant to rust which reduces maintenance to a bare minimum.

Our aluminium windows are suitable for both residential and commercial applications. Our teams do installations for new developments, existing buildings and renovations.

Our premium aluminium windows comes in a variety of colours and forms: top hung, side hung and sliding systems to ensure that we provide you with a range of viable solutions that enables you to choose the best suited application for your needs. Whatever your project may be, if it is big or small, we can provide you with the perfect Aluminium window solution to improve your lifestyle and increase your property value.

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