Top Hung Windows

Our top hung aluminium windows design are of the most popular choices, it is an extremely practical design and can be placed in about any space.

With the windows opening by swinging to the top is one of the most practical design features, it is easily accessible in spaces where placed furniture would usually restrict access or even create inaccessible areas.

The design features an outer frame and a strong inner frame with hinges at the top to connect these frames in order for the window to open to the top. These aluminium top hung windows enables great air flow for the spaces and allows a lot of natural light into the area.

Top hung aluminium windows have a slim-line design using simple shapes to create a discreet architectural appearance. These top hung aluminium windows are available in a range for colours and sizes for your convenience – we have a solution that will fit the style of your property and your needs.

Operating top hung windows is a smooth and silent process. The light weight material makes it very practical and easy to operate.

Light weight also means that it does not put a lot of strain on the moving parts which ensures a much longer lifespan of the moving parts and reduces the amount of wear on these parts and the system in general. Aluminium is not prone to rust and thus makes the system almost completely maintenance free.

Since we do not have any control over weather conditions it can sometime become a challenge to balance keeping your pace clean and dry on the one hand, but still managing to have a refreshing flow of fresh air in your space. However, with the top hung window design the window can be left partially open as it provides the necessary protection against rain and other particles, in this way keeping your airflow healthy, and the unwanted elements of nature outside.

These top hung aluminium windows are water and weatherproofed to eliminate leaks and unwanted draughts which can potentially cause discomfort. We aim to provide you with a solution which will improve your lifestyle and increase your property value.

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