Vista Folding Doors

Aluminium4u manufacture and install a wide variety of top quality aluminium vista folding doors. These doors are very popular due to its flexible nature especially in residential buildings where there are many possible configurations and options. It is a great investments for your property in both value adding and aesthetics!

Our folding doors act as amazing enclosures that can connect the interior and exterior space seamlessly. These vista folding doors can open up extra wide allowing enhanced access to the outside area and in affect extend the entertainment area of the property, whether the space is for residential or for business use.

Operating these aluminium vista folding sliding doors is a smooth and silent process. The high quality and super lightweight materials makes it very practical and easy to operate.

Light weight also means that it does not put a lot of strain on the moving parts which ensures a much longer lifespan of the moving parts and reduces the amount of wear on these parts and the system in general. Aluminium is not prone to rust and thus makes these aluminium elite sliding doors almost completely maintenance free.

We have a variety of finishes and configurations available to suit your needs.

1490 x 2090
1790 x 2090
1990 x 2090
2090 x 2090
2390 x 2090
2690 x 2090
2990 x 2090
3590 x 2090
3990 x 2090
4190 x 2090
4790 x 2090
5390 x 2090
5990 x 2090
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